My name is Steven George and I am a street photographer focusing on urban landscapes and the human interaction within these streets. I occasionally focus on suburban environments, but my preference is the city street. I enjoy documenting the disparity between the different environments in which I travel. Being from New Jersey, I am constantly faced with shifting landscapes from suburban, urban and even rural. I have been photographing most of my work on the east coast. Whether it's an odd expression, strange texture or cast shadow, I am interested in how these fleeting moments make up my surroundings. My compositions are based around formal elements of photography. Not only do I document moments of interactions between people on the street, but also interactions of shadow and light, creating active frames.

Primarily shooting around varying areas in Manhattan, I explore the city where I used to commute to work that resides so close to my suburban home. Calling upon classic street photographers such as Robert Frank, Garry Winogrand,William Eggleston, my mission is to place myself amongst the current, contemporary photographers, such as Daniel Arnold, Andre D. Wagner and Jeff Mermelstein, by working in the realm of the street genre. While some critics and artists alike claim street photography has “been done,” I enjoy the practice of continuously reviving this art. I am strongly compelled to document current life on the streets of New York because I feel that street photography is ever-evolving. My photography is nearly always in black and white because I want to pause moments and reduce them down to light, shapes and movement. Stripping the color makes these images feel classic and timeless. They could have been taken during any era, but I am freezing the present. Active frames are important to me because this keeps all of the components in my composition moving in and out of the frame, just like the viewer is there with me on the street.